How does Slidejoy work?
Upon turning on your phone, you will view an aesthetically pleasing ad on your lockscreen
  • You will have a choice to ignore the ad by sliding right and unlocking your phone
  • You will also have a choice to engage with the ad by sliding left. Upon sliding left, the phone will unlock and you will be directed to a destination specified by the advertiser (YouTube, advertiser website, Google Play, coupon page, etc.)
  • To prevent bias, you will make an equal amount regardless of whether or not you engage with an ad
  • Over time, Slidejoy’s proprietary machine-learning algorithm learns your ad preference based off of your behaviors during different times of day and curates a more relevant user experience
  • You can cash out their earnings via Paypal/several gift cards or choose to donate it to charity
Will Slidejoy really pay me?
Yes! Whether you swipe left or swipe right, you will get paid the same amount. Earnings you earn on a particular day will appear in the app at 1pm EST the next day.
How do I make the most money?
Our algorithm maximizes payments when you
  • Use your phone as you normally would (so there's no need for you to constantly lock and unlock your phone)
  • Actually swipe on the ad (left or right) instead of bypassing the lockscreen by pressing the home button
  • Refer friends (since the more users we have the more advertisers we would have)
  • You sign up through Facebook

As you continue using the app and sliding left to engage with ads you like or right to disregard ads you dislike, our app learns about your preferences and will show you more ads similar to the ones for which you slide left.
We want to emphasize that if you use your home button to bypass the Slidejoy lockscreen (instead of swiping left or right on the ad), you will not be able to earn your maximum amount.
How would Slidejoy affect my passcode screen
You will see your passcode screen once you swipe left or right
How much data will Slidejoy consume?
Every bit of data that Slidejoy consumes is highly optimized to minimize your data consumption.
Does Slidejoy work on Tablets?
Not for now, but we have plans to support tablets in the future.
In which countries does Slidejoy work?
Slidejoy currently works in countries where it can be found on the Playstore, but we will hopefully be expanding to other countries/continents soon.
If you live in other countries, you might be able to see a small subset of ads and earn Slidejoy points, but you will not be able to cash out. This applies to all cash out methods we currently have: Paypal and all gift cards.
I saw an inappropriate/offensive ad. What should I do?
We are working hard to control the quality of ads from our advertising partners, but it is still not perfect.
If you could take a screenshot of an inappropriate ad and send it to us, it will help us a lot in communicating it to our advertising partners and removing that ad.
When can I cash out the Carats that I have accrued?
The Carats you earn will be available on the 15th of the following month.
For example, your earnings from June 1st ~ June 30th will be available for cash out on July 18th. Similarly your earnings from July 1st ~ July 31st will be available for cash out on August 18th.
All of my earnings/balance disappeared! What's going on?
First of all, our users will never lose their earnings (unless they deactivate their accounts). This typically happens because you logged in with using Facebook login while you have previously been using email login (or vice versa).
So, if you originally signed up on Slidejoy through Facebook you should use Facebook login. If you did not, you should use the email you originally used when you signed up with Slidejoy.
Please try logging out and logging back in with your original sign up method.
Why am I earning less compared to others/previous months?
Please keep in mind that there are seasonalities in advertising spend from our advertisers. So, there is not fixed "average" amount we pay out to users, and it depends on what advertisers pay us. This could change day to day/month to month. As long as you use your phone as you would normally, you will earn the most.
How is swiping left different from swiping right?
Swiping right means that you are simply unlocking your phone.
Swiping left means that you choose to engage with the ad which can consist of finding out more information about the ad, downloading coupons, installing an app, watching a video, or liking a post on Facebook etc.
How much money do I get paid?
There is no fixed amount, but you will earn the most if you use your phone like you normally do. Our algorithm will detect users who viewed/swiped through abnormally high number of ads, and will automatically lower their payment amount.
How often can I get paid?
You will be paid each time you unlock your phone regardless of whether you swipe left or right. Earnings you earn on a particular day will appear in the app at 12pm EST the next day.
What can I do with the money I’ve accrued?
You can cash out your balance or donate it to selected charities
How do I cash out?
You can cash out your Slidejoy points to your Paypal account or for gift cards (Amazon, Starbucks, Google Play, and many more!)
How soon will I get my cash?
You can cash out a month after you earn your money. For example, money earned during April 2014 can be cashed out on May 31st 2014. We wish we could pay you before, but we won’t be paid until then either. We will do our best to pay you as soon as possible!
I'm having problems viewing my gift card code in Gyft
If you are seeing a login page when you click on the link we sent you, we are sorry for the inconvenience.
For security reasons, please reset your Gyft password (for the email address that you received your gift card on) through
Please DO NOT create a new account.
You will see your gift cards once you reset your password and log in again.
My transaction has been pending for more than a week, and I haven't heard anything from Slidejoy. What's going on?
This typically happens when your transaction gets rejected from PayPal. This is mainly because your Paypal account is not verified. If your account is not verified, please verify it through Paypal ( We do send funds to all countries including PayPal accounts registered outside of the US, UK, Canada, and Australia.
I received an email from PayPal saying that Slidejoy has sent money to my PayPal account. However, my Paypal balance has still not been updated with my earnings. What's going on?
This usually happens when your PayPal account has not been verified. Please verify your PayPal account through Paypal (, and then you should be able to see your updated balance on Paypal
How do I receive gift cards?
Gift card payments are managed by our partners - and Tango Card.

For gift cards from Gyft:
If you do not have a Gyft account, Gyft will send you an email on your first gift card payout. You will be able to sign in seamlessly through the email and your future gift cards will automatically be added to your Gyft account wallet. In addition, for all gift card payouts, Slidejoy will send you an email with the link to your gift card.
If you are unable to redeem your gift card through your smartphone, please try clicking the gift card link we sent on your desktop browser.

Please note that certain gift cards could take several hours to be ready for usage. If your card is not usable 24 hours after redemption, please send us an email ( You can also contact Gyft directly through
Who do I contact for payment issues?
Please contact for any payment issues.
Privacy/Account settings
What should I do if I forget Password?
What should I do if I forget my ID?
Please email us –
What do you do with my data?
We absolutely do not share your data with anyone else. We promise you that your data will only be used to serve more relevant ads to you.